Meet Ashleigh and TJ
... partners in business and life!
NamasteFit was incorporated in 2016 and trademarked between Nov 16-Nov 2017. 
This apparel line was born of a love of fitness, of  creativity, and of course the desire to pretty much Live in activewear. Easy care multipurpose Performance leggings launched our line and the store grew from there. Ashleigh designs ALL of the prints in her home office/yoga room, and in collaboration with other artists and movement lovers.  Choosing to make 90% of items Per  Order cuts down on excess manufacturing waste, storage and shipping footprints. By only printing and mailing what has been purchased we save energy, and money to put towards charity! This also enables NamasteFit to work with artists and sewing specialists, not gigantic factories and machines. The few pre-manufactured items we press or embroider on (tops and hats) plus our Simple/Tie Dye collection, are all sourced from ethical and conscious manufacturing.
NamasteFit works within North America as much as possible, and ONLY with certifier import companies on select items.
Striving to bring customers Bright, Bold and Fun prints that they want to wear daily keeps us constantly creating. 

Did you know that we are a Seva focused company?
What is Seva?
In the practice of Yoga, Seva is selfless service.
EVERY month we take proceeds from the sales of our apparel and Give back to our community and national foundations. check our Pay it Forward page for more info!

In addition to creating or curating Active and Lifestyle wear, Ashleigh and TJ are certified in health and wellness too! Not only do they wear activewear, they LIVE an active lifestyle.  Ashleigh holds a Personal Training certification with American Council on Exercise, and was in the innaugural class of Yoga Detour.  Both TJ and Ashleigh hold 200hr RYT certifications, are ACA Level 2 SUP instructors, and hold Group Fitness certifications too!




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